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Complete Care

At the Tarbay Centre, our focus is on the wellness of your pets whilst in our care, but we understand this goes much deeper than just bringing your pet in for their holidays. We appreciate that for annual boosters, routine vaccinations and kennel cough it can mean taking days off work or erode busy schedules and be rather expensive too. More importantly it can often put undue stresses on your pet.

Wellness appointments at Tarbay include a health examination and administration of the required vaccination including kennel cough. Specifically tailored to your pet’s needs as well as customised parasite prevention and worming program, if required. These services are provided by independent qualified vets and do not purport to replace the valuable service offered by your registered vet but serve to save you time with your pet for annual routine vaccinations. A simple solution.

These services can be offered whilst you’re pet is staying with us on their holidays or in day care. For prices and more information then please call us on 01753 868 688 or info@tarbaycentre.com. Please note that initial vaccines must be in place and in date at the time of your pet’s arrival.  

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