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For the Cats

The brand new purpose built cattery unit is now further away from the dogs. It is also better insulated and sound resistant which we understand was previously a concern for our customers. We hope by improving our facilities in this way it shows that we care about your opinions as much as our own. Together we can improve on the services provided by The Tarbay Centre and we are always open to suggestions on how we can improve on these services further. Please follow the below links and let us know your thoughts.

Each cat is provided with their own suite, unless multiple cats are checked in from the same home in this case we provide double suites. Each suite is provided with food, water and a litter tray which is topped up and cleaned regularly through out the day. They also have a selection of toys, scratchers and different levels to keep them occupied during their stay. Regular cuddle, kisses and attention is provided by The Tarbay Team.

Sneak a peek in our cattery

Recently our kennels and cattery have undertaken massive improvements. This is to insure all of our guests have the most comfortable and happy stay as possible. We understand that leaving your pets welfare in the hands of others is no easy undertaking. The Tarbay Centre aims to give your pets a home from home feel. If you are still unsure about bringing your pets to stay we welcome you to come and take a look at our facilities. Our staff are always at hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Daily Activities

Our feline guests are usually awoken at 8am and served a little light breakfast to temp their taste buds. Cats are notoriously exacting eaters so we usually serve a choice of hypoallergenic dry food and in a separate bowl some wet chunks of felix. We have a wide and varied menu fayre however we suggest if your cat is particularly fastidious or requires a special menu on medical grounds then perhaps bring their food along.

Cleaning out the days mess. Tarbay use the wood chip based odour free litter trays in their down stairs private suites.

After cleaning comes cuddles, play and attention. The time varies on this depending on how busy the team are. Everyone gets their fair share of cuddles.

Light music is played in the background for afternoon nap time. Late afternoon we repeat cleaning, feeding, clearing and cuddling.

At 8pm in the winter and 9pm in the summer its final cuddles for the night and we sure our guests are snugly and warm in their suite with a ‘dreamies’ treat.


Our new cattery is situated further away from our kennels. They are better insulated and are substantially larger than the previous ones. Take a look by following the link below.


Recenetly we have also undertaken some major changes to our paddocks and surrounding areas. There are now five excercise areas, including a seperate area for smaller breeds of dog.


At the Tarbay Centre, our focus is on the wellness of your pets whilst in our care, but we understand this goes much deeper than just bringing your pet in for their holidays. There are multiple focus areas...

Our Trusted Members